Local News

Petrol prices to rise

According to an announcement of MOL Nyrt, petrol prices are to rise by 5 Forints; diesel oil remains the same.



Belgium – Hungary 4-0


Hungarian National Team was defeated yesterday by 4 goals at the Belgium – Hungary football match in Toulouse, France.

Party Zone

Bee Acoustic at Incognito


Date: Tuesday 28th of June 8:0 pm Venue: Incognito Club (11/a Eötvös street) Programme: Bee Acoustic from Hajdúszoboszló will give a concert to their fans in Debrecen today at Incognito Club. Barbi Jeges – singing Péter Varga and András Tóth – guitars  


Exhibition of Imre Bukta at Sesztina Gallery


Date: Friday 1st of July 6:00 pm Venue: Sesztina Gallery (3. Hal köz) Programme: Opening ceremony of a new exhibition of artworks by Imre Bukta with the title Romanticism for Sale. The display will be opened by Ábel Kónya, artist and curator of MODEM Gallery. He will be accompanied by the students of Tóth Árpád […]