Programmes at the university

Life Sciences Gallery (1. Egyetem square) Exhibition of KLTE Friendly Circle until the 7th of November. Exhibition of Dóra Kerecseny, painter between the 8th and 21st of November. Exhibition of Tamás Bánszki, painter between the 22nd of November and the 5th of December.   DOTE Gallery (98. Nagyerdei Blvd.) Exhibition of Zsuzsa Keresztes until the 7th of November. Exhibition […]


Summary for 29 October


The police caught nine people and took another fourteen to various police stations in Hajdú-Bihar County yesterday.

Party Zone

Parties for Friday, 31 October

Vision 2

Club Vision: Dirty Friday – RNB Party by Vision My Friends Club: Friday party with drink discounts Club Mix: Halloween Party with Andro Club Chicago: Chicago Retro Party Noise: Friday party with drink discounts Daráló Pub: Friday Party with drink discounts Butiq: Halloween Party Incognito Club: Zakar Jazz Quartet Mokka Drink Bar: Halloween Party with […]


Folk Programme in Debrecen

Date: Friday 7th of November 7:00 p.m. – Sunday 9th of November 6:00 a.m. Venue: 32. Hatvan street, Debrecen Programme: X. Folk One and a Half Day will be organized again by Hétmérföldes Cultural Association. There will be folk music, barn dance and concerts as well: Magos Band, Harmadik Band, Buda Folk Band, Nikola Parov […]