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Grand Casino opens in Debrecen Plaza


Grand Casino was opened yesterday in Debrecen Plaza providing jobs for 80 people. The casino was built from 750 million Forints and it is run by Aranybónusz 2000 Kft. which is the property of Gábor Szima, businessman. There are 240 slot machines, 4 tables for various games and roulette machines in the casino. Source: www.vg.hu […]


Programmes at the university

Life Sciences Gallery (1. Egyetem square) Exhibition of KLTE Friendly Circle until the 7th of November. Exhibition of Dóra Kerecseny, painter between the 8th and 21st of November. Exhibition of Tamás Bánszki, painter between the 22nd of November and the 5th of December.   DOTE Gallery (98. Nagyerdei Blvd.) Exhibition of Zsuzsa Keresztes until the 7th of November. Exhibition […]