European Day of Languages

Date: Thursday 25th of September 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Venue: American Corner Debrecen (19. Bem Square) The American Corner organizes a whole day long event for those who are interested in foreign languages and want to explore English language on a higher level. You can take part in the games with your own group. […]


Cultural Heritage Days in Hungary

Venue: several places throughout the country, such as Budapest, Edelény, Fáj, Lovasberény, Pécs, Sirok, Tata and many more. Date: 20th – 21st of September (Saturday and Sunday) The Cultural Heritage Days of Hungary are usually organized at the third weekend of September and the event is a part of the European Heritage Days. Outstanding buildings, […]


Movie of the week

Edge of Tomorrow (2014) by Doug Liman is a stunning science-fiction movie about an officer who finds himself on the battle field fighting against giant aliens who cannot be easily defeated… Edge of Tomorrow has recieved an absolutely positive review from both critics and audience, since the movie of Liman – with all of its twists and […]


KiDS Corner on Saturday

The American Corner Debrecen organizes its regular KiDS Corner on this Saturday from 10 am.