Folk Programme in Debrecen

Date: Friday 7th of November 7:00 p.m. – Sunday 9th of November 6:00 a.m. Venue: 32. Hatvan street, Debrecen Programme: X. Folk One and a Half Day will be organized again by Hétmérföldes Cultural Association. There will be folk music, barn dance and concerts as well: Magos Band, Harmadik Band, Buda Folk Band, Nikola Parov […]

Programme in the Alexandra Bookshop

Date: Wednesday 29th of October Venue: Alexandra Bookshop (34-36. Piac street) Programme: Friss Café – Special guest: Tankcsapda Visiting the programme is absolutely free. Everyone is welcome at the event!


Movie of the week

Fury (2014) by David Ayer is a great war drama about friendship, aggression, faith and empathy taking place in Germany during World War II. The movie was released in the October of 2014 and got a really positive reception from critics. Fury is screened now in both the Apollo cinema and the Cinema City in Debrecen Plaza. […]