American Corner for May 13


R.E.A.D. – Read, Enjoy and Discover: Illegal Immigration

May 13, Monday, 4 pm

Do you like reading, but don’t have much time?

Would you like to improve your language skills (especially reading and speaking)?

Are you interested in the latest technological discoveries, social issues and their impact on society and the environment?

We welcome everyone who would like to R.E.A.D. their way into a broader knowledge of today’s hot topics. We’ll choose an article and e-mail the link to those who sign up. You may also pick up a photo copy in the American Corner if that is what you prefer. Once a month we’ll come together and discuss the contents of the articles and related topics.

The only requirement of participation is reading the given article BEFORE the meeting.

Please, let us know if you would like to participate by sending an email to

We encourage our R.E.A.D.-ers to follow our Facebook page and recommend other articles/books/videos that they might have read/seen to other participants to spice up discussion.


Access to the articles:

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