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Risk Factor – Intermedia 2.0

22 June – 15 September 2013

Exactly 20 years ago, in 1993, the Intermedia Program of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts started as an outcome of the academic students’ revolution of 1990. First amongst the Hungarian university faculties, the Intermedia aimed at exceeding the traditional academic education. An important element of this objective was to develop artistic training towards the techniques and forms typical of the 20th-century modernist traditions and those that had appeared through the expansion of the new media of the 90’s.

The department placed a special emphasis on “preparing the students for an active, creative presence in the cultural spheres of information society and for the research and support of cognitive artistic behaviour.”

Many of the students following the first graduates in 1998 – over one hundred in number – have become significant figures of the local and international contemporary art scene, such as Attila Csörgő, Róza El-Hassan, Miklós Erhardt, Ferenc Gróf, Tibor Horváth, Tamás Kaszás, Miklós Mécs, Hajnal Németh, Katarina Šević, Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák, Kornél Szilágyi – and the list could be continued.

Attila Csörgő- Half Space, 2001, photo, plexiglass, emulsion, collection of Zsolt Somlói and Katalin Spengler and property of the artist

Through the works of former and current students, the exhibition introduces the various directions of artistic practices evolved over the history of the Intermedia Department. The almost sixty exhibited works are diverse in their genre and media usage ranging from experimental photos to videos, from computer based media artworks to simple conceptual objects and from performance documentation to complex community projects. The exhibition aims at surveying the broadly understood politics of art outlined through the particular attitudes and showing the ways the artists re-interpret their own social responsibility and role, their relationship to the public sphere and to the media used by them as a vehicle.

Using the methods of research, experimentation, documentation and intervention the artworks recall the rich theoretical and practical tradition significant to many segments of the international contemporary art embodied in the Intermedia education program. This tradition derives from three sources: the new art forms and critical theories of the technical representation which shaped the 20th-century art history; the legacy of the paradigm shifting social and artistic movements of the 60’s (Situationist International, Fluxus, conceptualism) and the media and new-media theories of the 90’s (subversiveness, tactical media, street art).

The artworks of more than forty artists and seven art groups are on display in the third-floor exhibition hall of MODEM accompanied by community projects in the ground-floor installation space.

Curators: Zoltán Kékesi and Szabolcs KissPál

Exhibiting artists:

A. Ádám József, Richard Aczel / Fernezelyi Márton / Langh Róbert / Szegedy-Maszák Zoltán, Áfrány Gábor, Bakos Gábor, Bálint Bence, Birkás Mónika, Bordás Boglárka, Bori Om, Bölcskey Miklós, Csörgő Attila, Csüllög András, Donka Gergely, El-Hassan Róza, Erhardt Miklós, Erlich Gábor, Esterházy Marcell, ex-artist’s collective, Fodor János, Gruppo Tökmag, Gutema Dávid, HINTS – Institute for Public Art, Horváth Katalin, Horváth Tibor, Igor és Ivan Buharov, Ipsics Barbara , K27, Karas David, KeFeNeF, Kis Judit, Korpononovics Roland, Kozma Éva, Kútvölgyi Léna, Lugosi Ágnes, Mécs Miklós, Mikulán Dávid, Murányi Mózes Márton, Németh Hajnal, Pers-Kovács Nóra, Petrovics Ákos, Rohánszky Bence, Ruszty László, Katarina Šević, Simon Zsuzsanna, Société Réaliste, Soós Károly, Sós József, Surányi Nóra, Szapu Dániel, Szécsényi-Nagy Lóránd, Szörényi Beatrix, Tésy Dániel, Tóth-Zs. Szabolcs, Tulisz Hajnalka


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