János Áfra Represents Hungarian Poetry in Rome


Local young poet János Áfra will represent Hungary on the international day of poetry in Rome, Italy.János Áfra will represent Hungarian poetry at the programme series Giornata mondiale della poesia which is organized by EUNIC on the occasion of international day of poetry in Rome, Italy on the 21st of March.

11 country will be represented at the event of L’Europa in versi (Europe in Poems) in Rome, moderator of the programme will be Maria Ida Gaeta head of Casa delle Letterature (House of Literature) in Rome.

Representatives of the 11 country will be János Áfra (Hungary), Michael Hammerschmid (Austria), Georgi Goszpodinov (Bulgaria), Daniela Danz (Germany), Claudio Damiani (Italy), Janusz Kotanski (Poland), Denisa Comanescu (Romania), Dana Podracká (Slovakia), Maja Vidmar (Slovenia), Menchu Gutiérrez (Spain) and Michael Fehr (Switzerland).

János Áfra was born in Hajdúböszörmény, but currently he lives in Debrecen. He gives lectures at the University of Debrecen, he is an editor of Alföld journal and chief editor of KULTer.hu.

Source: www.debreceninap.hu

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