Country Presentation #4 – Austria by ESN Pécs


ESN Pécs would like to invite you to their weekly event called the Country Presentation. On this Thursday Austria will be your host.Date: Thursday (12th of April) 8:00 pm

Venue: Trafik (22. Perczel Miklós street)

Program: Austria hosts this Thursday’s Country Presentation at Trafik.

– arrive at the latest: 7:15 pm
– bring your maximum 15 minutes long presentation in one file, so we can copy it to our computer. Also, send it to the Country Presentation Facebook Page before night.
– bring one of your own computers in case something goes wrong. Organizers cannot use Macbook with the projector.
– let the organizers know if you plan some performance (e.g. national dance etc.)
– bring enough trash bags and some cleaning equipment.
– please help the organizers to clean up the tables before you leave.

There will be a computer, a stereo and a projector.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact ESN Pécs.

Entrance fee: 300 HUF (supports the next presenting countries)

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