An invention from Debrecen can reduce the cost of heating of the apartments


The invention, which won the second prize in the IDEA 2013 Idea-Novelty-Invention International Exhibition in Szeged, can significantly reduce the cost of heating of the apartments – MTI reported.

It was the first time that János Kukoricza, inventor from Debrecen presented the Thermo Drapes supplement to a heating-cooling system in front of a wider professional public, and his patent-protected invention received serious professional recognition.

The Thermo Drapes system consists of the liquid filled pipe network which is situated on the outward side of the building, the pipe network placed underground and filled with the same liquid and the circulating pump. Only 40 litre of liquid circulates gravitationally – and if necessary with the help of the pump – in the system in a 100 square metre residential building. The electricity consumption is only as much as the circulating pump and the control consume – János Kukoricza declared.

Based on the soil research of Great Plains, the underground pipe system is placed in the layer of clay which keeps water circulating inside the pipes averagely at 15 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the exterior walls of the building also become 15 degrees Celsius, so people have to make the temperature a few degrees warmer at Christmas in order to feel thermal comfort in the apartment.

The system can be applied in any soil conditions, they only have to determine with measurement which soil layer is the most optimal for the placement of the underground pipe system.

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