Cheapest Fuel Prices in Debrecen


MOL Nyrt. has lowered the prices of gas oil and petrol today (15th March). Here is the list of the cheapest places in Debrecen.

A liter of gas oil costs 372 HuF, while a liter of petrol is 360 HuF now.

Cheapest places in Debrecen are:

Petrol: 348.0 HuF/litre
Gas oil: 365.0 HuF/litre

Envi – Debrecen , Balmazújvárosi street (Metro car park):
Petrol: 348.3 HuF/litre
Gas oil: 362,2 HuF/litre

Lukoil – Debrecen, Balmazújvárosi street
Petrol: 349.9 HuF/litre
Gas oil: 365.9 HuF/litre


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