Main Railway Station Costs 34 Billion


Instead of the previously planned 21 billion HuF the new main railway station of Debrecen will cost more than 34 billion forints.

Recently, Lajos Kósa has also admitted that due to the lack of workforce and raw materials in the building industry, the investment will cost more than 34 billion HuF.

Three offers were received for the construction work:

  • Swietelsky Hungary Ltd.
  • SDDM Consortium (Dömper Ltd., Subterra-Raab Ltd., Pannon-Doprastav Ltd. and Czech Metrostav a.s.)
  • “Új Főnix” Consortium (Strabag Building Ltd., Strabag General Building Ltd. and HUNÉP Universal)

The best price was recommended by the “Új Főnix” Consortium. The construction work will be done for net 34 billion HuF, This is 62 per cent higher than the original 21 billion.

For the city of Debrecen, this high price will not be an extra burden, since according to Lajos Kósa, the missing money is paid by the government.

In case everything goes well, the contract can be signed by the parties by December, as the moratorium on contracting lasts until the 27th of November.

Plans for the new railways station.


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