New Translator Earset Translate Languages in Real Time

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New Pilot tanslator earset that can translate several languages in real time is finally available in shops.The new ear gadget makes human communication easier than ever. You need only a pair of the so-called Pilot in-ear gadget and you can hear and understand what your partner is saying in a foreign language.

The wireless earset can translate English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arab, Japanese, Greek, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Polish, Russian and Turkish languages.

First 4000 earset gadgets have already been sent to the shops, so those who desire Pilot translators can have their own at Christmas. In January and February there will be more than 23,000 Pilot earset gadgets on the market.

Pilot translator gadget costs 249 dollars. In case you order it to Hungary, there will be an additional shipping prize: 32 dollars.

If you order now, you will receive your Pilot translator by next spring.



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