Restaurant in Boston Replaced Human Chefs with Robots


Spyce, the new restaurant in downtown Boston, decided to replace human chefs with robots. Their seven new automated cooking pots can simultaneously whip up meals in three minutes or less.Spyce calls itself as “the world’s first restaurant featuring a robotic kitchen that cooks complex meals”. A prototype of Spyce’s robotic chef was first assembled in the basement of the co-founders’ fraternity house at MIT.

While meals are cooked, the customer’s name appears on an electronic display above their wok, showing their order. Once finished, hot water jets rinse the inside of woks before another collection of ingredients is dumped inside. The restaurant stated that they decided to place the robotic chefs out in the open to remove any lingering mystery.

The restaurant’s motto: “Culinary excellence elevated by technology.”

Spyce employs multiple people, too – a detail that the restaurant’s founders are quick to emphasize when they explain their concept -, there’s a friendly “guide” to assist customers with ordering and to ask about your day.



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