German Infineon Successfully Expands in Hungary


The development of the Hungarian unit of Infineon reached another milestone when a new central building of a useful floor area of 2,000 squaremetres was completed in Cegléd.

The building hosts 100 new office functions, a kitchen for hot catering for 400 people and a laboratory supporting the development activity and the reliability and default analysis examination of the products since virtually there are no cars, smart phones or bank cards without Infineon-produced modules.

Infineon Technologies Group is a market leader in several areas of the development and production of semiconductors of industrial application, including more comfortable cars, smart lighting systems or innovative mobile communication and green energy. The company is present in Asia, Europe, the Middle-East, Africa and the American continent, too.

In Hungary, Infineon Technologies Cegléd Kft. was established in 1996. They are engaged in the assembling and measuring of performance-semiconductor modules.



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