World’s Largest Bicycle Manufacturer Chose Hungary


Taiwan’s Giant Group establishes its second European bicycle manufacturing and logistics unit in Gyöngyös, Hungary.The approximately 15 billion HuF investment is going to take place in three stages. Giant Group will build a new site in Gyöngyös which is approximately 228,000 square meters, and the production is expected to start in the second half of 2019, depending on the European demand.

The initial production capacity is planned to be 300,000, but in the long run, they would like to achieve 1 million bicycle production capacity per year, creating 591 new jobs in the country. In the Hungarian factory, mainly European-style and new generation E-bikes will be produced.

The Taiwanese company is the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer today, its products range from multifunctional, road, terrain and electric bicycles to bicycles for children and young people, and to bicycle accessories (clothing and equipment). Of the nine global production units of Giant Group, the first and only European plant can be found in the Netherlands, with 500,000 bicycles per year.

The company’s new, modern plant in Hungary will serve the needs of a dynamically growing European market locally and produce electric bicycles according to the latest trends.

According to the plans, the giant Taiwanese company, with its 12,000 retail partners, will be a long-term partner for our country. Thus, in the near future, further partners and suppliers of the company will be able to settle in Hungary to support the bicycle production.

The world’s leading manufacturer is going to strengthen the bicycle production traditions of nine decades in Hungary, since Csepel, Neuzer, Gepida and Hunland are equally important players in the European market.




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