MKB Bank Closes 15 Branch Offices


According to MTI, MKB Bank is about to close fifteen of their branch offices in Hungary.According to the bank’s announcement, the financial institution is transforming its branch network to improve its cost-effectiveness and its sustainable profitability. Two-thirds of their employees – working in the fifteen branch offices that are going to be closed soon – will be employed by the bank in the future.

MKB Bank is going to inform those clients who have bank accounts in the closing branch offices.

On the 31st of October, MKB Bank’s branch office in Vác, Solymár, Tata, Kalocsa, Allee Budapest and Szeged Árkád are going to be closed, while on the 30th of November, they will close their offices in Balatonfüred, Esztergom, Keszthely, Balassagyarmat, Hatvan, Kazincbarcika, Orosháza and the branch offices in Budapest Westend and in Türr István street.


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