KFC Develops World’s First Vegetarian Chicken Dish


For the time being, the new vegetarian chicken dishes at KFC are not fully developed and they are still experimenting with the ingredients, but this new vegetarian food is to be launched in Britain, hopefully next year.The new vegetarian “chicken wings” at KFC will be made from the meat substitute of vegetarians and vegans: seitan.


British KFC restaurants would like to reduce the calorie content of their food by 20% within seven years. One way to do this is to have more vegetarian products in their restaurants. According to the plans, KFC’s new vegetarian meals will be made by using the same 11 secret herbs and spices that they use to make their traditional chicken dishes. At KFC, they are planning to cross every obstacle this year, so next year the restaurants can serve their new vegetarian products.

Source: www.nosalty.hu

Photos: www.pixabay.com

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