Petrol prices to rise

According to an announcement of MOL Nyrt, petrol prices are to rise by 5 Forints; diesel oil remains the same.


Bud Spencer Movies at Roncs Bar

Roncs Bar is organizing free movie screenings to remember Bud Spencer (Carlo Pedersoli) who has just died on the 27th of June 2016.


Giant Bubbles at the Weekend

Date: 2nd – 3rd of July Venue: Agora Science Centre (6. Móricz Zsigmond street) Programme: Visitors can make giant bubbles again at Agora Centre at the weekend from 10:00 and 12:00 am, 3:00 and 5:00 pm.  


Charity Food Donation

Charity food was donated to people in need by activists and civilian volunteers in Debrecen.


Campus Festival 2016

This year’s Campus Festival is organized between 20 and 24 July at the Debrecen Nagyerdő.


Storms and Rain to Come

Storms, heavy rain and wind are expected in Hajdú-Bihar county after the heatwaves of the weekend.


Young Artist Dies at 25

Zsófia Mocsári, artist, costume designer has died tragically young at the age of 25. Zsófia died of a desease on Thursday morning.


I. Kids’ Festival in Esztár

Date: Sunday 26th of June Venue: Erdődy Mansion, Esztár (Hajdú-Bihar county) Programme: Esztár is organizing its first Kids’ Festival on 26th of June in the Erdődy Mansion. According to Gyula Nagy, festival manager almost every programme will be interactive and various presents are waiting for the visitors. Tickets are 500 HuF. However, kids living in […]


Boardgame Fun at Roncs Bar

Date: Thursday 23rd of June 6:00 pm Venue: Roncs Bar (27. Csapó street) Programme: Boardgame Fun again at Roncs Bar on Thursday. A group of students decided to conquer the night with board games. A new initiative in Budapest, and now Debrecen, that quickly outgrew the living room, and has become a popular event series, […]