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The students of a high-school in Debrecen will have the possibility to learn the Chinese language and study Chinese literature and culture from next September onwards.

This November, Debrecen and Chongqing are going to become sister cities. István Fábián, rector of the university declared that the fourth biggest city in China would assist the university in establishing a Confucius Institute. Chen Yatang, head of the visiting Chinese delegation said that Chongqing would provide Debrecen with teachers, study materials and educational training programs. Exchange programs will enable those learning Chinese to spend a few months with Chinese families in Chongqing. Interestingly, however, making education in Hungarian available is not planned in Chongqing despite the fact that Hungarian interpreters can be found only in Beijing. It seems that Hungarian counts as a drop in the ocean in the Chinese city of 32 million citizens.
Mayor Lajos Kósa explained that they intend to make Debrecen the most important node of the Chinese-Hungarian relations. As a first step in the economic cooperation, the transport companies of the two cities started negotiations with each other and later the sister cities are going to engage in talks about cooperation in the fields of medical technology and food industry.
Source: MTI

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