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As a part of the curriculum development, an interactive medical training center has been established in the MHSC of the University of Debrecen. Set up from EU sources of around 73 million forints, the new center opened on Monday.

György Paragh, President of MHSC highlighted that the new center is the first one in Hungary where students can practice providing medical care, from giving first aid to performing a surgery, on computer-controlled models that simulate complex functions of life.

László Csernoch, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine added that besides medical students, soldiers, policemen and the activists of civil organizations will also have the possibility to learn to perform quick, life-saving interventions in the training center.

László Csenoch talked about the next step of the curriculum development as well: building training wards where students will practice medical attendance on actors playing different types of patients. They will encounter the “furious” type, the “speechless” type, and also the elderly, “chatty” type who talks to the doctor about everything but their sickness.

Cameras have been installed in all of the wards, offices and operating rooms so the teachers and the students can evaluate the work done together.

Source: MTI

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