HuCER 2013. Hungarian Conference on Educational Research

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Hungarian Educational Research Association (HERA) organizes HuCER 2013 next weekend at DAB (Thomas Mann St. 49).

The following research projects are connected to the event: Learning Regions in Hungary: From Therory to Realities (LEARN) and Teacher Education in Central and Eastern Europe Research Network (TECERN).

14 June, Friday:

9.00-11.00 Plenary session (Great Hall) Chair: Gabriella Pusztai

Welcome speech: István Gaál, President of Centre of Arts, Humanities and Sciences

Ulrike Stadler-Altmann (University of Koblenz-Landau): Pedagogical Knowledge of prospective Teachers – An international Comparison. Results and Implications of TEDS-M 2008.

Gabriella Pusztai (University of Debrecen): Improving teacher quality as an international challenge for higher education

Ágnes Engler (University of Debrecen): The TECERN Network



10.00- 11.00 Book launch „Higher Education for Social Cohesion” (Great Hall)

Chair: Adrian Hatos (University of Oradea)

1. Pusztai, G. – Hatos, A. (eds.) 2012. Higher Education for Regional Social Cohesion. Reviewer: Gábor Erdei (University of Debrecen)

2. Pusztai, G. – Hatos, A. – Ceglédi, T. (eds.) 2012. Third Mission of Higher Education. Reviewer: Orsolya Pócsik (University of Debrecen)

3. Györgyi, Z. – Nagy, Z. (eds.) 2012. Students in a Cross-Border Region Higher Education. Reviewer: Jan Guncaga (Catholic University of Ruzomberok)

4. Kozma. T. – Bernáth. K. (eds.) 2013. Higher Education in the Romania-Hungary Cross-border Cooperation Area. Reviewer: Marius Tatár (University of Oradea)

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