Debrecen Spring Exhibition opened yesterday

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The XXII. Debrecen Spring Exhibition was opened yesterday at the Kölcsey Convention Centre.

The exhibition, that is organized every year, is held between 9 March and 6 April 2014.

Works of the following contemporaneous professional artists and young talents are exhibited:

Ádám Győrfi sculpture – Human Resources Ministry Prize

György Bogdándy painter – Debrecen Local Government Prize

Tamás Varga photographer – Főnix Rendezvényszervező Nonprofit Kft. Prize

Joseph Kadar photographer – Főnix Rendezvényszervező Nonprofit Kft. Prize

Attila Rékasi photographer – Hajdú-Bihar County Government Prize

Margit Kányási Holb industrial artist – Blondex Művészellátó Prize

Zsolt Durucskó graphic artist – reatív Art Művészellátó Prize

Alajos Zimányi graphic artist – Jury Prize


Free entrance!

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