Community manager threatens students by expulsion from university

Local News

The community manager of a Debrecen condominium, whose tenants are mostly foreign students, hung out a note which says that those tenants who cause any kinds of damage to the house will be expelled from university.


The note was written in the name of Petra Kiss, President of the Student Union on International Affairs.

The university was asked about the case, weather students could be expelled from the university because of their behavior outside the institution. The answer was the following: students could be expelled from student hostels, which are in contract with the university, if their behaviors are unexpectable, e.g. they cause damages. However, the university does not have any contracts with the owners of private properties, so those students who cause damages could be hold responsible only by the owner of the given flat. It also turned out that Petra Kiss did not ask permission from the university to hang out such a note; she was suspended from her position and she has resigned.



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