Mother forgives her son who wanted to kill her

Local News Police

Debrecen Regional Court sentenced J-M N. defendant to 6 years and 7 months of imprisonment and barred him from public affairs for 7 years for attempted murder.

The defendant and his mother lived in a household in Debrecen. In 2014, more and more conflicts emerged between mother and son; one of the reason of the conflicts was that the defendant spent too much time with playing computer games, he became an addict. He decided to move away from his mother, however he returned home soon, since he could not earn his living.

In 2015, he started to plan that he would kill his mother, he thought that this was the only way to start an independent life. He wanted to choose the easiest and most painless way. He watched a movie, in which a man killed his wife with a hammer, so he grabbed an axe from their garage, hid it in his closet and waited for the right moment.

In December 2015, the mother banned him from the Internet and his brother encoded the WiFi, which really was the final straw. After the brother left the house and his mother went to sleep, he attacked her with the axe.

Fortunately, the woman woke up and defended herself with her arms. The mother did not recognise that her attacker was his own son, who ran away after the incident. Later he returned and acted like it was a robbery. He called the police and tried to calm his mother down.

Finally, the defendant has made a full confession, pleaded guilty and his mother forgave him.




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