Gateway to Success in Careers V. – Pro-activity

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Date: 21 March at 17.00-19.00

Venue: American Corner Debrecen

Are you a student or adult looking for platforms to improve your entrepreneurial self? Are you ready to acquire skills that make you more comfortable in your present or future career? Join us for the series of self-development workshops each month!
The topics are all related to self-management, self-development and career development.

March topic is pro-activity:
What do you think about ownership of your own life? How do you like the word respons-ability? Stephen Covey in his book 7 habits of highly effective people put „be proactive” as the first habit you have to practice to be highly effective. What is your first step in this direction? What words are you using? If these questions call you in, be part of an interactive workshop in this theme, where peer learning is as important as learning from the trainer.

You are welcome to the HUB Academy event organized in cooperation with the American Corner Debrecen.

Training facilitator: Dr. Judit Katonáné Kovács, social entrepreneur coach

If you participate you will be part of an interactive program, where you give TIME for your Self 🙂

The number of available spots is limited so do not hesitate to register at until March 19, 2018

The language of the workshop is ENGLISH!