Deer Hunters with ESN Miskolc

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Are you up for a challenge? Would you like to have a great weekend in April, be a member of an awesome team and have lots of fun?Date: Friday – Saturday (6th – 7th of April) 6:00 pm

Venue: ESN Miskolc (Egyetemváros, Miskolc)

Program: There is a running competition in every year organised by the university for hundreds of students and this is the Szarvasűzők🦌🦌. What’s the idea of it? To run from Eger to Miskolc through the Bükk-mountain, on beautiful forest ways and “catch the deer”. They are waiting teams to apply, and one team should have 8-12 members (with at least 4 woman in each), so the team members could run the different parts. There are 12 different parts, with several types of difficulties. You can check the parts on this site:

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