Media Detective Workshop at the American Corner

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How can we recognize fake news and fake advertising spreading all around on social media? Why are they so dangerous?

Date: Thursday (21st of February) 5:00 pm

Venue: American Corner Debrecen (19/D Bem square)

Program: Media Detective Workshop with Attila Kenyeres, a former public and political journalist, a lecturer of the University Of Debrecen. He’s got his own course called Media manipulation which is open for all of the university students.

Attila is the only Hungarian journalist, who won a 6 week-long scholarship on media and journalism to the Ohio University in 2017 founded by the U.S. State Department. During the program, he had the opportunity to take visits to famous American media outlets, like CNN or National Geographic, where gained firsthand experiences from American experts about fake news and other issues of the current international journalism.

Attila Kenyeres shares you with his experiences at the American Corner Debrecen, complemented with photos, videos as well as case-studies from all around the world.

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