Frightening newcomer at the Savannah Terrarium

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In Debrecen Zoo and Botanical Garden more than 900 animal of 170 species are taken care of. The purpose of the garden is to provide the highest level of animal welfare through the creation of spaces for the natural habitat of animals.

This was the aim of the zoo why the newest thematic world – named Savannah Terrarium were created at the Palm House of the Zoo. Visitors can meet exotic lizards here like the newest resident, a female frilled-necked lizard.

Frilled agama is endemic to northern Australia and southern New Guinea. Their common names come from the large frill around theirs neck, which usually stays folded against the lizard’s body. If it is frightened, it produces a starting dramatic display: it gapes its mouth, spreads out its frill, raises its body and sometimes holds its tail above its body. This reaction is used for territorial displays, to discourage predators, and during courtship.

The newest lizard of Debrecen Zoo and her mates are waiting for interested visitors, so you can visit them at the Savanna – terrarium from next week.


Source: Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park Official Facebook Page

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