Realistic Virtual Windows Installed in the Radiotherapy Department of the Debrecen Clinic

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Realistic virtual windows make the atmosphere more tolerable in two hospital rooms at the Radiotherapy Department of the University of Debrecen’s Oncoradiology Clinic. Patients with thyroid cancer receiving isotopic therapy spend days in these rooms.

The windows are made of special LED panels, and were offered for free by an interior designer who healed at the clinic. The light of the panels follows the daylight, so the virtual windows make the rooms more friendly and reduce the stress and frustration of the patients.

In the Clinical Center of the University, at the Radiotherapy Department of the Oncoradiology Clinic, which operates independently from the 1st of July, six patients can receive a special treatment of radioiodine in three hospital rooms.

Patients receiving isotope therapy over a certain dose should not have direct contact with the environment, so there are no windows in two wards for radiation protection and architectural reasons.

The special virtual windows have been installed in these two rooms.

The windows were fixed in such a special way that the walls did not have to be drilled, so the rooms are still perfectly suited to the strict radiation protection considerations.

The patients’ feedback is very positive. They say that days spent in the closed rooms are much easier to bear, and the anxiety caused by isolation is greatly reduced.

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