Snowdrift in six counties

Snowdrifts causes traffic disruption in six Hungarian counties, namely in Győr-Moson-Sopronban, Vasban, Zalában, Veszprémben, Somogyban and Baranya.


Flu Epidemic in Hungary

More and more people are seeing the doctor with flu-like symptoms, and the number of people requiring intensive care has almost doubled in Hungary compared to the data of last week.


South African Girl Learns Hungarian in Two Months

Lindie Botes from South Africa decided in November, 2017 that she would learn the Hungarian language. She did not have any previous experience, but in two months time she made a great progress.


Luggage thieves at Budapest Airport

The Hungarian Ministry of National Development has ordered an authorized inspection, because various items were stolen from luggages at the Budapest Airport.


Nurses Imitated Sex Next to a Patient

Two nurses – a man and a woman – of the Malomvölgyi Baptist Home for Elderly People in Pécs imitated sex next to one of their old patients.


Snowy Days Ahead of Us

Weather forecast predicts snowy, windy and cold days for the weekend and the beginning of next week.