Home-Birth Mid-Wife Ágnes Geréb Sentenced to Two Years in Prison


On Tuesday (11th of January) in Budapest Ágnes Geréb mid-wife and home-birth activist was sentenced to two years in prison.According to the sentence,  65-year-old Ágnes Geréb has to go to prison for two years and she cannot practice her profession in the next ten years.

Ágnes Geréb was helping at the birth of twins, and one of the babies unfortunately died. In another case, she was also assisting at the birth of a baby who suffered from childbirth complications and later died. These home-birth incidents, that led to the conviction of Ágnes Geréb, happened back in 2003 and 2007.

Ágnes Geréb was arrested by the police in 2010.

Public opinion about the work and conviction of Ágnes Geréb is mixed in Hungary. People argue that the medical profession of Ágnes Geréb has helped a number of families during the years, others say that Geréb repeatedly broke the law when she was helping as a mid-wife at home-births.

Source: www.hungarytoday.hu

Photo: www.nlcafe.hu



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