József Pálinkás: Hungarian Elite Doesn’t Care About Values, But Money


He says that we are getting away from the idea of knowledge and achievement. According to Pálinkás, the autonomous, intellectual middle class is basically not present in Hungary.József Pálinkás, the scientist who was the head of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office considers himself a liberal conservative. He says that people who dare to tell their opinion are often humiliated. This is done with scientists, intellectuals, or even institutions such as the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA).

According to Pálinkás, the first Orbán government did a good job, but the 2002 election defeat made it clear for him that Fidesz should build a much stronger relationship with the Hungarian intellectual elite. He also states that in the long run, populism is certainly not a possibility for any country.

According to Pálinkás, in politics and in economic life, competition has almost ceased.
For this reason, the “eternal winner” is always lazy and arrogant. There is no intelligent discourse in the country, so there is mistrust and coarse behavior.

Source: www.24.hu


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