Great Success of Hungarian Surgeons Operating Siamese Twins


András Csókay, István Hudák and Gergely Pataki surgeons made a breakthrough in medical science by successfully completing the second step of separating the cerebral vein of Indian conjoined twins in Bangladesh on 19th August.Hungarian specialists closed another vein to facilitate the final separation of the two-year-old Indian conjoined twins Rabia and Rukia. The first surgery was completed at the end of February, 2018, then the twins’ major brain supplier vein was separated. The operation was performed by using endovascular approach.

During the preparation for the remaining interventions in Hungary with high-performance computer analysis and three-dimensional modeling, it became clear for the doctors that there is still an opportunity to close another vein in the twins’ brain. This surgery was carried out on the 19th of August by one of the world’s most renowned neuro-intervention experts, Istvan Hudák, in Bangladesh.

Solving this problem is extremely difficult, and it needs a carefully designed series of operations, but the method used by the Hungarian medical team in Bangladesh can open new ways to treat cerebral vascular diseases and tumors in the case of Siamese twins.



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