Settlement Bond Program: Case of the Russian Spy Chief and His Family Might Be Reconsidered


HVG reports that the Hungarian government did not deny that several high-ranking Russian citizens or their relatives were granted permission to reside in Hungary.According to HVG, several prominent Russians were allowed to receive Hungarian papers in the settlement bond program: several members of the Russian House of Commons, a member of the Duma, Vladimir Blockij, and Sergei Narishkin, chief of the Russian foreign intelligence (SZVR) and his family members – including his son – could receive Hungarian papers.

Bernadett Szél, a representative of LMP party, after the meeting of the National Security Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly, said: “I consider it a complete scandal that a Russian spy family has managed to go through such a national security test.” 

Szél’s words are the most obvious, formal confirmation of the fact that the Russian spy chief, Sergei Nariskin’s family members really got Hungarian papers in the settlement bond program. The president of the National Security Committee, Ádám Mirkóczki also referred to some kind of a review of the Hungarian papers given to some Russian citizens. He believes that the Hungarian law provides this opportunity and he wants to have such a review.

According to Bernadett Szél, the settlement bond program and the current scandal are proof of that the Hungarian government is serving Russian interests.

However, János Halász (Fidesz) said that Szél just wanted to get into the news, that is why she had said these things.



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