Parties for the weekend

szabó balázs

Friday, 21 April

Incognito Club: B52 concert

Mickeyz Bar Club: Fred Friday

SeVeN: Friday Party

Tequila Bar: Karaoke Party

CHECK The Club: Friday Party

Roncsbár: Szabó Balázs Bandája concert I.

Butiq: Friday Party

Víztorony: Indieland Party – Szabó Benedek és a Galaxisok, Felső Tízezer concerts


Saturday, 22 April

Kosár: Mirror Twin from Szeged, Dryvia from Eger and Testify from Hajdúszoboszló

Incognito Club: Slowband concert

Mickeyz Bar Club: Saturday Essence – DJ Németi and DJ Stephen

SeVeN: Swith Up! – House and RNB with DJ Maci

Tequila Bar: Retro Party

CHECK The Club: Saturday Party

Roncsbár: Szabó Balázs Bandája concert II.

Butiq: Music Butiq! – DJ Németi and DJ Ungvári

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