Parties for the weekend

Party Zone

29 December, Friday

Mickeyz BarClub: Fred Friday – Julia Carpenter, Jay Kid

Butiq: R’N’B Superstars Party

Incognito Club: Funky Donuts concert

Roncsbár: Margaret Island, Koalabell concerts


30 December, Saturday

Mickeyz BarClub: Hello Saturday! – Candy Shop: DJ Lenox, Dora

Butiq: Saturday Party – Nigel Stately

Incognito Club: Live blues – Kék Kód concert

Roncsbár: Blahalouisiana, Éva Presszó, Holychicks concerts, Retro discp!

Víztorony: Kistehén, Platon Karatev concerts


31 December, Sunday

Mickeyz BarClub: Mickeyz New Year’s Eve Party 2018!

SeVeN: SeVen New Year’s Eve Party

Butiq: New Year’S Eve Party

Roncsbár: Roncs New Year’s Eve 2017

Bisztó Bár: New Year’s Eve

HALL: HALL New Year’s Eve Party

Tabu: New Year’s Eve Party

Hello Pub: Hello Pub presents End Of Year Party


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