Parties for the weekend, 19-20 January

Party Zone

19 January, Friday

SeVeN: Friday Party

Tequila Bar: Karaoke Party

Butiq: Very Latino – Caribbean Party

Incognito Club: Szüret Utcza concert

Roncsbár: Belga concert, Debre’N’bass

Tabu Debrecen: Pretty Friday with William


20 January, Saturday

Mickeyz BarClub: Hello Saturday! – Back to the 90s with Cory/HAPPY GANG & Miss Bee/ BESTIÁK

My Friends Club: MNML Sensation with Szecsei, Adams Steel, DJ Bíró

SeVeN: Saturday Party

Tequila Bar: Retro Party

Butiq: New Year’s Eve After Party with live saxophone

Incognito Club: Malaga Quintet concert

Bisztó Bár: Bukholcz

Roncsbár: Trident, Frogshow concerts

Tabu: Loving Arms Party

Hello Pub: Black and White Party

Iris Properties

Debrecen, Mikszáth Kálmán utca

55 m2 flat for rent
80 000 Ft


650 m2 flat for sale
194 800 000 Ft

Debrecen, Egyetem sugárút

36 m2 flat for sale
22 900 000 Ft

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