Halott Pénz in Debrecen and Budapest

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Popular Hungarian band, Halott Pénz brings an outstanding show to Debrecen and Budapest in the next two weeks.After their unique show in Győr on the 17th of March, Halott Pénz brings a great show to Debrecen and Budapest, too. Their next concert will take place in Debrecen Főnix Hall on the 24th of March, and after that they will give a concert to their fans in the capital on the 6th of April.

The 14-year-old band launched their latest album in 2016 with the title Ülni.Örülni.Megőrülni.

According to band-member David Marsalkó, this spring they are going to bring a fantastic and their most spectacular show to Debrecen, then to Budapest.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Source: www.debreceninap.hu

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