Parties for the weekend, 11-12 May

Party Zone

11 May, Friday

SeVeN: Friday Party – Hello Baby! – RNB and House Party with DJ Maci

Butiq: Friday Retro Party

Incognito Club: Heritage B concert

Roncsbár: Deák Bill Blues Band concert

Tabu Debrecen: Pretty Friday

Hello Pub: Tymaj Style Dance

My Friends Club: Latin Disco Party, Mambo Space Live Conga Show


12 May, Saturday

SeVeN: Saturday Party

Butiq: Butiq XXL – Base Club

Incognito Club: What’s Up? Bárdos Deák Ági and Farkas Zoltán (Kontroll Csoport) concert

Roncsbár: Chrome Rt, Buggz Bunny concerts

Bisztó Bár: Bukholcz

Tabu Debrecen: Saturday Party – VOUGE de la TABU

Hello Pub: Hard Style Party with DJ CRB

Pince Café & Music Pub: Retro Party

Nagyerdei Víztorony: Margaret Island concert

My Friends Club: Project: Black ‘n’ White with Rusty

Hall Debrecen: World Is Mine – Liberty with Dimatik (Aus), guest stars:

  • Attila Bárány
  • Jauri
  • Adam Ajkay
  • Willcox

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