Parties for this weekend, 6-7 July


6 July, Friday

SeVeN: Popparazzi with DJ Maci

Butiq: Friday Party

Incognito Friday Party

Roncsbár: Friday Party

Tabu Debrecen: Pretty Friday – RNB Music

Hello Pub: Friday Party

Víztorony:  FröccsTorony – II. White and Sparkling Wine Festival: Anima Sound System concert


7 July, Saturday

SeVeN: #switchUp – Field

Butiq: Saturday Party

Incognito Club: Saturday Party

Roncsbár: FIFA World Cup 2018

Tabu Debrecen: Tabu Saturday

Hello Pub: SoundFetish

Víztorony: FröccsTorony – II: White and Sparkling Wine Festival: Ladánybene 27 concert


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