Medical Days 2018

Party Zone University

Date: 8-11 October

Venue: DE-Medikus HÖK

In this year, the doctoral training in Debrecen is 100 years old and we have prepared for you a week of celebration.

  • 100 years of knowledge;
  • 100 years of development;
  • 100 years of tradition,

And you are part of all this. Let’s remember and celebrate those wonderful 100 years together.

We will welcome you with many interesting and fun programs during the week. Here’s a detailed plan of what’s to come:

Monday, October 8

17:00-19:00: When Teachers Were Students – Conversations (Kenézy Villa, in front of the Department of Gynecology):

– 17:00-18:00: Prof. Dr. László Mátyus and Prof. Dr. György Paragh (in Hungarian)

– 18:00-19:00: Prof. Dr. Norbert Németh and Prof. Dr. János Kappelmayer (in English)

16:00-20:00: Teachers vs. Students Football Cup (Football pitch behind the Markusovszky II dorm) – Application is needed, you can find the link below.

20:00: Game Night and Barbecue at the Pulzus Pub (Markusovszky II Dorm)

Tuesday, October 9


– Antibiotic Resistance Workshop & Training – Dr. Gábor Kardos, Dr. Hajnalka Tóth (in Hungarian) (Kenézy Villa, in front of the Department of Gynecology)

– In Simu Competition (in English) (1st Internal Medicine Building, 2-3 seminar rooms) – Application is needed, you can find the link below.

18:00-18:30: Yoga class

18:30-19:00: Zumba class

19:30: Mediconcerts at the Water Tower – by Hungarian and Foreign Medical Bands and Performers

Wednesday, October 10


– Running Training with Mozaik Med (DEAC Running Field)

– Outdoor Kettlebell Class (DEAC, Green Field)

15:00-17:00: Healthy Food Day (LSB)

17:00-18:00: Vegetarian, Vegan Diet and Popular Diets Through a Dietitian’s Eyes – Zoltán Szabó (in English, Department of Gynecology, Lecture Hall)

18:00-19:00: Stress Management and Mental Health Workshop (in Hungarian, Department of Gynecology, Lecture Hall)

19:00: 5th Musical Medics Charity Concert (DE-ZK Liszt Hall)

21:00: Wine Tasting (Rozgonyi Winery, Klinika Club) – Tickets on sale from October 2. The ticket price is 3000 HUF. The number of the tickets is limited.

Thursday, October 11

16:00-18:00 Discussion about Specialty Choices (in Hungarian) (Pulzus Pub)

– Obstetrics and Gynecology

– Neurology

– Cardiology

– Traumatology


– Robotics in Medicine – Botond Barabás from National Instruments (in Hungarian, 1st Internal Medicine Building, Lecture Hall)

– Innovative Interventions in Gynecology – Dr. Bence Kozma (Department of Dermatology, Lecture Hall)

20:00: Closing Ceremony (Main Building, 2nd floor Aula, formal wear)

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