Parties for the weekend, 15-16 March

Party Zone

15 March, Friday:

SeVeN: Sexy Spring with DJ Maci

Egoist BarClub: Friday Party

Base Club: Friday Party

Roncsbár: Chrome RT 15, Tortuga concerts

Incognito Club: Kovács Tamás Band concert

Tabu Debrecen: Pretty Friday

Hello Pub: Karaoke Party with DJ Sunny

Nagyerdei Víztorony: Elefánt concert


16 March, Saturday

SeVeN: We Love Seven with Field

Egoist BarClub: One upon a time… Bázis with Attila Bárány, Németi and Anti Oláh

Base Club: AK26

Roncsbár: Pit Of Saron, Frogshow, Cube concerts

Incognito Club: DC/79 concert

Tabu Debrecen: Deep & Shine Party by Music Channel

Hello Pub: Hello Music Night

My Friends Club: Hot Men Dance, Afterparty: Latin Disco Party


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