Casa da Dança on 17 May

Culture Party Zone

Date: 17 May at 18.00-22.00

Venue: Alternatív Közösségek Egyesülete (16 Baross Gábor Utca, Debrecen)

Here we go again!

The event will start at 18.00. and ends at 22.00 We ask the newcomers to come as soon as it is possible, because the basic steps of Forró are the first thing we learn this day. Then we go on to some new spins and movements. Of course there will be Maculele again. We will bring much more sticks than we did the last time. Capoeira roda will be too. We welcome all capoeiristas. If we will ahve some time, we can dance some samba and funk also.
Bring some snacks to share if you can plz!

The event will be free of charge as always.


Photo: Capoeira Hungria Facebook Page



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