Summary of 12 June


The Police caught 12 perpetrators and took 18 people to the Police Station yesterday.

Three traffic accidents occurred, one with serious injuries, two with minor ones.

A woman was taken to the Police Station of Debrecen because she assaulted traffic wardens on Füredi Street. The woman travelled on a tram without a ticket, so she was asked to give her personal data. She could not show any documents to identify herself and wanted to leave. The controllers asked help from traffic wardens, since they could not handle the angry woman. Finally the woman attacked the wardens; the Police had to take her away. A procedure was initiated against her on the reasonable suspicion of assault.

A 31 years old Algerian man was caught on stealing a shirt in a supermarket. He was taken to Police Station and a procedure was initiated against him on the reasonable suspicion of theft.


Central Police Station of Hajdú-Bihar County

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