Summary for 1 July


The police caught twenty-two people and took another twenty-five to various police stations in Hajdú-Bihar County yesterday.

Three perpetrators were caught in the act of committing crimes and another one was taken into custody on the basis of a warrant for arrest issued by the court of Debrecen. Eighteen people were taken to police stations for staying illegally in the country and seven others were taken to police stations as suspects.

There was one traffic accident that resulted in minor injuries.

A woman called the police yesterday night that her bicycle, which was parked in front of a bar in Püspökladány, was stolen. The police went to the scene immediately after the call so they managed to find the bicycle thief. The 46 year old perpetrator was taken to the police station where a procedure was initiated against him on reasonable suspicion of theft.


Hajdú-Bihar Central Police Station

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