Traffic accidents in Hajdú-Bihar


There were five traffic accidents during the last 24 hours in Hadjú-Bihar County; two resulted in serious injuries and three in minor ones.

A woman was driving her car on Szent Anna Utca. She tried to turn towards Baross Utca when she hit a cyclist. The cyclist, who suffered serious injuries, was taken into hospital by the ambulance.

A driver hit a pedestrian at the junction of Derék Utca and Szotyori Utca at 10.30. The pedestrian suffered minor injuries.

The Debrecen police station is investigating the two cases.

A car collided with another car in Balmazújváros at 17.35. Both the driver and his passenger suffered minor injuries.


Two vehicles collided on M35 highway at 18.45. A man was driving his car from Budapest towards Debrecen, when he collided with another car.


Drive safe!



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