Closed case: Two foreign citizens were robbed

Local News Police

The police have finished the case of those four Hungarian men, who robbed two resting foreign citizens.

A Romanian man called the police on 13 October 2017 that he and his German passenger were robbed by unknown men, while they were sleeping in their car. After a thorough investigation, the police have managed to identify the four robbers. According to the available information, the four men stepped to the foreigners’ car and demanded all their money. The victims did not obey so the robbers took away their belongings (tools, vacuum cleaners and some food).




Within a short time, the police caught the four men; the 21-year-old Márk T., the 25-year-old Dezső N., the 27-year-old József L. and the 50-year-old Ernő T. were taken to the police station. Procedures were initiated against all the four of them on reasonable suspicion of robbery.

Recently, the investigation in the case was finished and the motion of prosecution was sent to the Debrecen Prosecutor’s Office.



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