Expanding Italian Course Offerings at the Uni


Attending the new course of the Department of Italian Studies, students get academic qualification approved in Italy as well.

ICON consortium was founded by the 19 major universities of Italy, amongst which are the University of Pisa, Padua, Milan, the “Sapienzia” in Roma, “Ca’ Foscari” in Venice, and “L’Orientale” in Naples. The aim of the cooperation is to popularize Italian language and culture abroad, and to operate e-learning courses for students interested in Italy.

An agreement between the University of Debrecen and ICON was reached in April 2014, according to which students of Debrecen would be able to attend the courses here, but get a BA degree in “Italian language and culture”, which is recognised both in Italy and Hungary.

In practice, it means that students can apply to and follow courses on-line, while the exams will be held here, in Debrecen, thus avoiding the costs of traveling. Students can specialize in different areas of Italianistic, like archaeology, literature and linguistics. Besides this opportunity, ICON offers on-line language courses open for beginners and intermediates. The courses are not free of charge, however, the tution fee is not higher than those for the usual, Hungarian courses.

The on-line application starts on 22 May and lasts until 10 September.

More info: http://www.italicon.it

source: unideb.hu

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