Saudi Arabian Guests at the Uni


A special economic zone might be created in the future by Saudi Arabian investors.

There is a future for special economic zones that are equally based on knowledge, business plan, governmental support and money. The president of the Saudi-Hungarian Business Council, Abdulrahman A. Mazi, and a professional of higher education, Abdulaziz Al Mangour, arrived to the Hajdú-Bihar County Chamber of Commerce to negotiate about bilateral cooperation. The Deputy Mayor, the Rector of the University, the Saudi Arabian Ambassador in Hungary, and several businessmen took part at the discussion.

The fact that Hungary is rich in drinking and thermal water and that the government has a positive attitude towards economic developments is further supported by the presence of skilled workers and academic knowledge.

Zoltán Szilvássy, Rector of the University emphasized that currently there are 146 Saudi Arabian students at the university, but it is hoped that the number of incoming students would grow. The Rector also said that Debrecen would be a perfect place for the foundations of an economic zone, especially in the field of health care or food industry, since in Debrecen there can be found innovative attitude, highly trained professionals at the university and thermal water, upon which a healthcare center could be based.

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