Exchange Students at the University


150 foreign students arrived to Debrecen as exchange students due to ISEP, Erasmus+ and other exchange programmes.

Most of the students coming with Erasmus+ are Turkish and there are many new students at the University of Debrecen from France, Italy, Poland, Germany and Belgium as well.

ISEP exchange programme supports American, Chinese, Korean and Kazakh students in Debrecen.

Most of the exchange students will study at the Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Medical Studies, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Arts.

New foreign students had the opportunity of taking part in a welcome event on the 9th of September, where they could learn about the history of the university and the history of the city as well.

University of Debrecen has more than 400 Erasmus partners in Europe, so Hungarian students can also choose from several Europen universities and colleges. In semester 2015/2016 about 150 Hungarian students will study at various universities in Spain, Italy, Gerany and the Netherlands.

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