MTA Decided to Support Researches


Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) decided to support 14 researcher teams at the University of Debrecen between July 2017 and June 2022.Ten of the fourteen chosen researcher teams are already exist, while four of them are absolutely new teams. Leaders of the existing researcher teams are Róza Ádány, György Balla, Elek Bartha, Attila Debreczeni, Tamás Horváth M., András Kertész, Zoltán Kisvárday, Ákos Pintér, János Szöllösi and Zoltán Trócsányi.

Leaders of the four new teams are Zoltán László Barta, László Csiba, István Fábián and Mónika Fuxreiter.

Each year they will receive support between 18 and 34,000,000 HuF from MTA.


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