Tina Howe: Museum


In Tina Howe’s Museum, the visitors are just as much on show as the artworks themselves: the photographer, the self-proclaimed art experts, the gigglers, both the casual museum goers and the ones who live for it.

Date: Monday (11th of December) 8:00 – 9:00 pm

Venue: IEAS Theatre and Drama, room 111, Institute of English and American Studies (1. Egyetem square)

Program: IEAS Theatre performance. Tina Howe: Museum.

A continuous ebb and flow of a hodge-podge cavalcade of characters attempts to reveal more than just the surface. Will the guard be able to keep them under control and prevent them from dismantling the precious pieces on display? Stop by our museum to find out. The cloakroom is mandatory and free of charge. As for permissions to photograph the art, however…

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